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gorath23 2008-07-01 17:10

2x Celestion G12T-75's (British not Chinese)
I was having a tidy out of my room and realised I still had these. I'm 99% sure they are British made, not the newer Chinese model (They have the English Address stamped on the labels). I took both out of a JCM900 DR combo, which dates them around the early 90's. I'm guessing they are ~15years old or so. Worked fine last time I used them and they have been kept in speaker boxes ever since in a warm dry room.

Best deal I can do is 40 shipped for the pair.

If you only want one then the postage cost is still going to be 15 (Parcelforce minimum charge, wayyy too heavy for Royal Mail).

I basically only want 10 each for them. They are located in Devon, UK. Paypal or Cheque ok. So 25 for one or 40 for the pair.

Please PM me here or at

oddball 2011-05-27 11:03

Any idea what that is in $'s our guitar player is redoing a cab. and would be intressted

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