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SuNioj0369 2008-06-15 17:54

SuNioj0369's Decompositions
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Figured I'd give this a try. Here's the beginning of a song I threw together for shits and giggles, fucking around with some sort of tech thrash type stuff as a means to think of some cool metric tricks. It's still rough and incomplete, but what the hell. Enjoy.

SuNioj0369 2008-06-15 22:31

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Here's another one. Tried thinking of Liturgy or Brodequin meets more grindcore oriented structures, shorter and more basic.

SuNioj0369 2008-06-18 23:35

Any constructive criticism?

Nemesis9 2008-07-03 08:06

alright, i'll try commenting (but i'm not that good at songwriting yet)

what i like about the first riff is, that it is the most remarkable one, probably the one, which is easiest remembered. it is is also quite aggressive. what i didn't like so much is, that it seems too short for me. i guess i would prefere, if you would stretch it to 2 bars, which some alternations in the second one- maybe something like this (the single notes being 32th, if this is still playable):


plus you could try around a bit with accents and breaks, in order to make the riff more rocking

the second riff somehow sounds like a happy march to me. not bad, but if it is a verse riff or something than the other parts should be more evil :vampire: and i thought it could sound more wicked if you could do a b5 instead of the 5 from time to time (first fret on 5th string instead of 2nd) - but it also might sound shitty, since i haven't tried it out ;)

next comes the sliding thing, my favorite part of the song. great riff, rocks a lot and has a nice melody

as for the ending: it is ok, but a bit boring - maybe you could spice it up somehow

all in all, i like the song a lot, it's really cool. it's far better than anything i ever came up with myself. it's rather simple yet, so there are probably some possibilities to spice it, but it already rocks a lot :)

hope i could help ;)

ps: i can't open the file from your first post

SuNioj0369 2008-07-04 01:15

Cool dude, thanks for the feedback. I guess I was going for some simplicity here, but it's all good. The other file is a powertab so that might be the problem. If you can select what file to open it with, using GP5 will automatically convert it to GP format.

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