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St.Nice Person 2008-05-26 22:31

Need help for broken drums
Hi my friend recently got his drums down from the attic after a 10 year hiatus from drumming, the only thing is 2 of his Toms are broken. From what I am about to type You may guess i don't play drums so please ignore my retarded terms. The steel tubes attached to the sides of the wood (where a screw goes into tighten the skins i believe) are worn crossthreaded or something making them impossible to tune.s there any way of replacing this part or will he need to buy new toms?

thanks in advance.

The Execrator 2008-09-06 10:22

You should easily be able to replace it. Most drum companies have catalogs that you can order many pieces of hardware from, including replacement parts. Though, usually individuals can't order directly through them, you will want to contact a local a music shop and talk to the drum guy. They usually have the catalogs on the front desk.

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