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Gigantic Penis 2002-11-18 22:55

Big Problem!
something never occured to me when my band formed......... one of the mebers wants to the the unspeakable............ HE WANTS TO CHANGE SOME OF MY LYRICS AROUND!

perhaps im being to selfish, but when i was asked to write the lyrics, i assumed that this wouldnt be a problem and wouldnt even happen.... however, this REALLY bothers me.....

my question is, would this bother you? sure, my lyrics may not be the best, but i structure the syllables and rhyming, and then, when he gets done with them, the words are messed up, the vocabulary gets dumbed down, and the syllable structure gets out of place. right now i have no choice but to take it though..........


PST 88 2002-11-19 00:32

Let him edit some, but dont let him completely rip it apart. Explain that you'll take suggestion, but since you're in charge you get final say. Or cut off his pinky next time he tries to brutalize it. Whichever works.

Def 2002-11-19 02:40

lyrics have meaning and shouldn't be taken apart man, that just sucks and it changes the feel towards the song.

you're in a fucked up situation man.

[skreamer] 2002-11-19 13:12

yeah, its really fucked, its ok if the rest helps you, or gives an opinion [thats the idea behind this forum right? ] but he shouldn't brutally rape the lyrix in front of you, thats just harsh, you dont go up to him and say, "hey, why dont you put your finger here in this chord...........??" now do you? ofcourse not. everyone has his own responsibility, and yes, i figure, or at least, i hope, that the lyrics you write have some meaning or value to you, you cant just rip that apart. id go with that slicing pinkys off idea. that will show him, do it on stage, get you some more fans from the slayersection. brutal. *Def-Fx*: what bodypart can i saw off your body next show? we all have to make sacrifices. i write lyrics, you donate limbs. fair ey? greetz and have fun figuring out what to do with your ignorant bandmember. let us know k? or send its pinky to my house, my dog loves those.

Def 2002-11-19 13:42

fuck you with your sacrifices, you don't have to carry a guitar case and amp around :D

I know what bodypart I would take from you hehehe, you sick little doggyfucker! :cool:

Gigantic Penis 2002-11-19 14:50

the biggest problem i have is the dumbing down of vocabulary. if i write a song, it gets changed to this obvious first person garbage with all symbolism , rhyming and structure taken out

like if i write ( these are my real lyrics):

"Where emotion lies beneath the smile
It's a tragedy in youth and style
Frequent flights to the other side
Life is easy where the sea is shallow"

it gets changed to:

"I think people are too shallow
They act cool, but really they just wanna fit in
I'm not gonna act that way
They just do that because it makes it easier to fit in"

first person garbage with all symbolism , rhyming and structure taken out. I cant stand to change my lyrics to something like that.........

Def 2002-11-19 14:59

yes, that is pure rape.

you should stop taking that crap and start beating :smash: :smash: :smash:

xDarkestHourx 2002-11-19 16:35

aaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha! BEAT HIS FUCKIN ASS! He changed your lyrics to some of the lames god damn shit I've ever heard! I don't always agree with you Mr. Penis, but that's fuckin ridiculous that he'd try that. Next time he wants to change it to something more digestible tell him to play fucking Mary Had A Little Lamb instead of a crushing riff.




mrweijia 2002-11-19 18:40

i think its ok, read over what he changed and keep the things you like. who knows, the song might just get better

dimeisgod69 2002-11-19 23:31

nothing bad can come from working together...yea the dude raped your lyrics into a blink 182 song, but maybe with you pounding your obvious higher intelect into him he can see where you wanna take the song.

Gigantic Penis 2002-11-20 16:01

ill just deal with it till i can start a new band. basically, what also pisses me off, is that i will write all the music for a song, and he will change one tiny little part, and then, suddenly, WE wrote the song. that happens with the lyrics too sometimes. when he doesnt totally rape them, he may just change like 3 words in a song. then, WE wrote the lyrics.

[skreamer] 2002-11-20 16:07

haha, is your bandmembers nickname MEtalDrumFreak :P haha, thats harsh, i really liked those lyrics, but after he was done with his brutal work, you have to start a punkrockband..... thats just mean. id cut his pinky off man, the same i would do to anarchist and rebellion bass players :P and he actually told you to use those lyrics, man, i feel sorry for you man. collaboration is cool, but this aint that. good luck dude.

Def 2002-11-21 04:04

you calling me a rebelling bass player??? :)

just because I did a kamikaze action in the rehearsal space last time ? :P

haha I'll get you yet my little fellow screamer :P

[skreamer] 2002-11-21 13:34

haha, kamikaze!! nice dude, sunday ill kick your arsh! when you least expect me...... i go super saiyan on your ass! FUSION! hehe, mayin buu exploded.

Def 2002-11-21 17:15

Majin Buu is FAR from dead, hehe, just wait and see the end isn't even in sight :) :) another 30 episodes or something :P

haha, I'll be preparing a counter attack (you know I'm always in SSJ mode these days, just wait till you see my SSJ3 next sunday!!)

anyways, penis-dude, those other guys where talking about your bandmember making your lyrics better.
to me that seems like bullshit.
they way you explained it to us, he only rapes your lyrics.

that should happen.

burn the fucker.l:flame:

[skreamer] 2002-11-23 13:57

haha, friday the cable kept falling out so i missed parts of Dragonball, but mayin buu absorped piccolo and gotenks, and gohan and vegeta are coming back to earth, if they fuse......... :D thats harsh! sunday ill kick your ass fucker!! ill go mental on you dude! see you tonight? greetz. [this thread can close now i guess :D]

ThroneofbahoS 2002-12-04 05:24

Yeah, let him suggest some changes he wants to do but hey, the final word is yours!

MeTalManiac555 2002-12-07 01:10

Don't let anyone edit your lyrics, they are yours and your thought. You put them that way and dont let whoever it is change them just because he wants to. If he doesnt like them then tell him he has to deal with it and just to try it out for a while and have the band liek agree with it and ask the entire band if they like them, if they dont mind then keep it. Good Luck. Hail!!

Mornyano 2002-12-12 02:47

I suggest that you do them partly together. Thatīs the way we do our lyrics.


killingismybiz 2002-12-14 18:56


Lets act like civilized people here. Okay so sure he wants to beat up you lyrics, but maybe you should tell him to write his own that could have been 'derived' from yours and see what he comes up. Tell him that your the one whos writing the lyrics here, and that he should write his own if he doesnt like yours caz hes 'dumbing' the song and ruining the syablles. Im sure he would understand. Otherwise explain to him... it'd be like you wearing his underwear... He wouldnt like it. And you dont like it when he messes w/ your lyrics caz your lyrics are like your underwear.

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