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7-string warlord 2008-05-24 20:08

Help me with my vocals
I've been told I suck recently, so here's a video.

try and help me diagnose my problems. The only one I know I have is pronunciation. I have a fairly deep growl, but I am hard as hell to understand. I want to be like Bill can understand him!

Also, I look hella sexy in this video!

7-string warlord 2008-05-24 20:53


I also put one of me attempting pig squeals on there...that one really needs help!

J.V. 2008-05-25 16:10

Well, first of all record yourself doing a full length song, then we'll talk...
Try Bolt Thrower or something similar which is relatively easy to do.

7-string warlord 2008-05-26 18:27

okay, when I get some time I will try to.

I'd like to do some carcass or something...but I'm not that good yet.

SuspendedByTheThroat 2008-05-27 13:59

do something like CC then

i'd like to hear you actually trying to do vocals, words, songs, etc.

not just some subpar quiet growl.

but so far all i can tell you is to increase your output of air.

7-string warlord 2008-05-27 18:49

when I find my old mic I 'll do some old CC...couldn't handle corpse grinder. I'll work on my output to. I've done black metal vocals my whole life so this stuff is different.

7-string warlord 2008-05-31 18:35

ok, check this out.this is one of my songs.

help with my vocals..please don't tell me how crappy my guitar playing is, how retarded my hair is.....just help with the vocals, thanks.

7-string warlord 2008-06-05 13:11

Can anyone help?

SuspendedByTheThroat 2008-06-05 16:31

are you trying to make a croaky gurgle vocal sound or are you trying to do gutturals like cc and such bands?

like i said before you need more airflow and power behind it, or else you're just going to wind up creating gurgles,

i can't even do gurgles, i've trained my voice to always use my diaphragm.

7-string warlord 2008-06-05 17:27

Well, gurgles are cool. I guess I kind of have that stuff down. I'd like to get some gutturals going though, and I am using my diaphragm, It's just I've only recently grasped this concept...I'm pushing as much air as I possibly can, I can assume I will get more powerful with time, right?

Pray for famine 2008-06-06 03:22

your pig squeal is dreadful, i got drunk last Saturday and learned how to pig squeal. it's not that hard..but practice makes perfect. and your gutturals. they're decent but i noticed a few sharp points in your vocals. well, i suppose i'll have to agree with suspendedbythethroat, push more air out and do the basics.
if this didn't help, somebody shoot me..

p.s. i'm wearing kevlar :)

7-string warlord 2008-06-08 02:42

Originally Posted by Pray for famine
your pig squeal is dreadful,

I get that a lot, I don't really do them to much.....If I do a really long phrase in a song I kinda trail off with sounds ok then.

J.V. 2008-06-08 14:30

You need to work a lot on it. If you like this style, keep working on it and improving it as long as it doesn't hurt and as long as you're comfortable with it. That's my motive at least...

Record yourself often, and listen to your recordings from time to time (but not right after the recording). I usually record at evening and listen to it in the next morning, then try to figure the mistakes etc...
Also remember that recordings don't have to be public, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do your best at playing, mixing etc...

Anyway, as many have said - practice.

Good luck!

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