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Machinegunman 2002-11-16 13:14

songs to start with
i just bought a bass today and now i want to know which songs are cool to start with. i ve been playing guitar for 6 years so i think i dont have to start with simple stuff like nirvana *löl* . some death metal would be cool

Def 2002-11-16 16:12

try some early deftones, metallica and some other stuff like jazz to get the feeling in your fingers (if you've never played bass before)

other stuff you learn lots from: Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Level 42..

don't start out with slapping etc. just get the rythm feeling first, rythm is the most important thing for bassist, how silly it may sound.

once you get going you can play about anything.

hey, you're from germany? do you know Caliban, heaven shall burn or course of action?

Machinegunman 2002-11-16 19:16

thanks for the tips.

i heard of heaven shall burn, but i never listend to any of their songs.
what kind of music is it?


mrweijia 2002-11-16 19:28

learn riffs where theres a blues beat: so its 1---3-4-1---3-4-1---3-4-etc..
try children of the grave, lady evil and heaven and hell by black sabbath, geezer grooves

walpurgis 2002-11-16 22:32

I'd definitely recommend Black Sabbath first and foremost...hell, Geezer is the reason why I play.

Tattered 2002-11-17 05:35

Originally posted by *Def-Fx*

Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

yeah try some chilis and rage, ill suggest

Rage against the machine - take the power back (cool bass riff)(well if u can slap)
Red Hot chili peppers- otherside (its a easy but cool song, with a funky bass solo)
Red hot chili peppers - Around the world, (once uve mastered this u can do anything involving picking)

and for a challenge try the classic melodic bass solo performed by cliff burton

Metallica - anesthesia

and when u have advanced (when) move onto some slap and pop and try

Red hot chili peppers - blackeyed blonde (its quite hard to find the real version of it, when ive searched on say 'kazaa' ive only come up with 2 old live tracks which sucks ass, so im gonna have to probably buy the album (freaky styley) also some cool bass riffs on that album too, good luck with your new bass,

what make is it by the way?


Machinegunman 2002-11-17 07:06

thanks alot guys.


Def 2002-11-17 07:12

your welcome.

heaven shall burn, a stylish metal/screamo combination, check them out if you can, they do a lot of shows in germany together with caliban and other metal/screamo bands, the germans have all the good bands dammit :D

like tatter3d mentioned above, try some of those songs, don't start out with slapping stuff though. first get the rythm feeling, then use the pick and get comfortable with it.

Filthgrinder 2002-11-17 10:33

I have only been playing bass a fairly short time also, I started off by learning alot of Metallica, such as Anasthesia, The bass solo in cunning stunts, my friend of misery etc etc... Also some Cradle of filth riffs are playable. If u think you can fingerpick fast and shit try some cannibal corpse, very hard for me ( i cant do it ) but If u have been playin guitar for 6 years im sure u would b better off than me

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