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Clouden 2008-03-24 18:40

Hello, I am a 14 year old black male that has start'd a band with a dream to scream...

I can Inhail vocals good, Lots of pitchs...

But Exhailing i fail at... Well lower sounds is okay, But i am in a HARDCORE Genre band.

I want to learn high pitch'd voclas but when i try all that comes out is air?

Any help please don't wast your time will small like replys like: Ewww screaming? Or Just quit Or Your not made for it. =\

Clouden. :flame: :o

SuspendedByTheThroat 2008-03-25 22:55

as wierd as it sounds you have a vocal advantage of being black. black people generally have a cleaner and broader range.

HOWEVER. A. youre too young to start doing vocals, at least wait till youre 16 or 17. your vocal capabilities are not developed yet.
B. i can tell by what you said in this thread that you know very little about metal music, i suggest a long period of waiting and learning.

Clouden 2008-03-26 06:55

Metal, I start'd with to listing too.

Now i listing too hardcore.

I know lots about music i have been looking up screaming stuff watching videos for about a year now....

I have been training about 3 months..

I start'd with gralws but i know Inhale scream..

Can you post a bunch of warm ups for me, I need them for my band.

I get all teh crap togeather. :flame:

CAPCOPSNOW 2008-03-27 10:57

buddy listen to our advice there are no 14-15 year old screamers maybe you can get decent but your going to stunt whatever capabilities you may have. Your way better just singing as of now its a better way to strengthen your vocal cords before trying to really scream. In truth you should really wait til your 18 i started at 16 and i ended up sustaining some throat injuries (mostly because i never learned to sing) now that im 18 things go much smoother and with much less irritation. One more thing inhaled shrieks and screams are generally extremely bad for your throat unless theyre done at a very low volume. So really stop now while you vocal chords are still in good shape

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