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Exodus666 2008-03-22 02:37

Looking for guitar blueprints
I'm going to model an electric guitar in 3D for my next assignment... Problem is, I am (urgently) in need of "blueprints" if want to do it properly.

What I mean with blueprints is
1/ what you understand them to be (white lines on a blue background - or whatever colors - on most of the details and edges), or
2/ simply good pictures of a straight top-down view, side view, front/back view (if I had a camera I'd try to do this myself).

I'd like to make a Jackson RR but any other model will do, as I have nothing at the moment.
If anyone knows a site or has great pictures (or is willing to take them!?), please share. Thanks. :)

Exodus666 2008-03-22 09:59

Alternatively, if someone has a Jackson RR and is willing to make some pictures - please PM me.

Mortal_Lament 2008-03-22 10:04

go to the gallery of RAN guitars, they've made a lot of RR shapes, plus a bunch of other shapes, and they have pictures of them at many angles.
This is where to find it
Plusss, google image search works really well, here's one

Exodus666 2008-03-22 11:02

Hey, cool picture section on that RAN site indeed, thanks!

I have tons of "googled" pictures of RR guitars, but I can't find one from a "side" view, top view is no problem at all... The problem is I can't just estimate all the edges and heights or it'll look like crap. ^^

Soulinsane 2008-03-22 11:21

CAD programs take some time to learn how to use and you need an understanding of proportion factors to make shapes look right in relation.

You can do this if you are willing to spend a great deal of time as well as money making and playing these prototype guitars.

Nearly all perfect designs need tweaks.

Exodus666 2008-03-22 15:26

Yeah, we're not supposed to design & create a new model... It's just a product vizualisation of something that already exists.

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