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SumDood 2008-03-05 11:17

Pain After Singing
I've been working on my vocals for a year and a half now. I took a class, researched proper technique, warming up, diaphramatic breathing, etc, etc. I had no problem singing in a regular voice and the heavier growls until a few months back. A few hours after singing, i would get a dull pain in my throat, right around the area that hurts when you swallow when the flu is setting in. It's not scratchy, and really more annoying than painful and usually disappears after a while. Its almost a tightness in the front my neck. I took a break for a month hoping it would go away, but it came back after my first vocal session after the month break. I went to the Dr. he looked at my throat with the scope up my nose and said it looked fine (polyp free). Even now, with the easiest, lightest singing with my throat as relaxed as possible, the pain comes back. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? Please Help!

CAPCOPSNOW 2008-04-08 10:39

i have and it happens when i sing also... screaming doesnt seem to effect it and growling has very little effect but clean vocals always seem to cause pain... i wonder if it has to do with scar tissue

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