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CannibalXampire 2008-02-25 14:23

Creative & Insane Vocals
This is for bands (not necessarily metal) with vocalists that are creative and do quite a bit with their voices. And to a lesser extent people who are just insane with their vocals (i.e. real low or real high).

And not Mike Patton or throat singing. Just to get those out of the way.

SuspendedByTheThroat 2008-02-25 14:27

I enjoy messing around with low/guttural vocals, i can do maybe 4 different types of gutturals.

CannibalXampire 2008-02-25 14:57

SuspendedByTheThroat 2008-02-25 15:04

i can screech similar to that.

but i'm not gunna lie.

that's some wierd shit.

Amadeus 2008-02-26 04:12

Saw these live last saturday, and, well, they were good.
May not be as extreme as you're looking for, but it's not something I've heard very often.

SuspendedByTheThroat 2008-02-26 14:36

that reminds me

a while ago i saw a band called
Remy Lebeau

Thier recordings don't sound the same way they played when I saw them though, they mainly had high pitched shreaking accompanied by random inhales and whatnot.

ash2490 2008-02-27 20:50

Creative & insane in a totally weird, sick, and horrible way. Not metal at all.

I came across that shit whilst searching for videos of Aeternus. (That is, the black metal band Aeternus.) The vocals wouldn't be that strange if they weren't being performed by a GUY. I know that the deranged fans in the comments refer to him as "she" and by his female stage name, and I also realize that most photos show him with either a digitally created vagina or a dress, but this is a GUY. Eww.

I guess if you can get your voice to resonate in just the right place then maybe you get that sound. Not sure why anyone would want to though.

7-string warlord 2008-02-27 22:25

those lyrics were random as hell, In all honestly the music was pretty damn cool.....

ANYWAYS....I've always thought Ihsahn has had the coolest vocals ever.

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