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MIKE23CA 2008-02-20 11:11

look'n to buy a bass (maybe)
Well I decided to rent a bass w/amp... for a month to see how I would do... I basically sat down watched guys play songs.. i.e. Moby Dick, Pink-Floyd's Money... I got them with in 1-2 days.. but part of me keeps saying.. the more I play bass the more I want to play guitar... problem with guitar is the size of my hands/fingers are like Jimmy... huge...I need a big neck & frets...hence why bass has been good thus far.

that being said.. if I was to go the bass route I am looking at this one.

Click on the Black/Red one.. I personally love the look.. but until I try it in a store I wont buy it... Id like you guys opinion please.

Also.. Guitars with a big neck & frets... some links please.

Style of music... metal & hard rock.

Mardraum 2008-02-20 15:54

For that money, I would buy it, looking at the features.
I have, however, no experience whatsoever with Peavey and their standard of quality, so, who can help?

sixsicsix 2008-02-20 22:08

it you're going to drop that much money I'd reccomend something a little better than a peavy
go with a low end spector or rockbass

MIKE23CA 2008-02-26 15:40

I went to Steves' Music downtown Toronto

The gentleman there showed me this bass for roughly 450.

ESP Viper-254 (least I think that's the one) (colour black)

It has a active pickup battery operated (I believe was the term) But holy smokes I played it... what an amazing warm-deep sound... perfect for metal.

Blew my other suggestion outa the water.

The neck was extremely comfortable and moving on the frets was much easier.. The body is a bit small.. I would prefer something bigger... but honestly playing I completely overlooked it...

What do u guys think?

MIKE23CA 2008-02-27 10:59


MIKE23CA 2008-02-27 11:00

my bad.. it was the VIPER-154DX bass model

469.99... some places have on sale $329 (ignoring CAN/US) conv... basically the same.

need some opinions guys.

MIKE23CA 2008-03-03 15:24

Official... i ordered

The Viper 254 now discontinued

from Steve's music (colour black)

fuck'n thing sounds amazing (deep - warm) and the neck is perfect, easy to play.

sixsicsix 2008-03-06 01:32

I might also be back into the market soon.

7 years ago a dog tore my lip off.

long story short I was supposed to get 9 grand pain and suffering.
after the court date I heard nothing about it.

today a lawyer in tampa calls wanting to make a settlement for 50 cents on the dollar, we plan on telling them to shove it or give the full 9 grand, because, well, im sick of explaining why this thing on my lip isn't a fucking cold sore.

if all this goes through I'll be buying my dream rig.

I know for cab's i'd get an ampeg fridge stack.

ive narrowed it down to these six basses. 6'er though)
or an elrick single-cut
or a Used F bass from a local shop.( its been there for years, works perfectly but its one of those peavey//esp shops in a Podunk redneck town so you could imagine why it hasn't sold.)

basically looking to see if anyone has ever owned any of these basses.
I've played all of them except the tobias.
each had its own percs and flaws.
didnt like the neck on the warwick but loved the sustain and strength in tone.
moduli are kind of blocky shaped but by far the most versatile in sound
The F bass' finger board is a polished rock maple which in a way is good because I can almost count on the neck NEVER bowing. but its ugly.
all around the elrick is the highest quality instrument but its heavy as phuk!
the spector plays great, feels great, sounds great. the only issue is the fear of having the same problems I've had with my lower end spector.

Mardraum 2008-03-06 09:24

I would totally definitely completely go with that Tobias. :eek: :beer: :love:

Casketcrusher 2008-03-08 15:42

I heard Peavey Cirrus are great basses. My buddy has a 5 string fretless and he said it is his favourite thing in the world.

Zionist 2008-04-21 07:23

I've always thought Peavey basses, guitars, amps, sucked so I'm going to reccomend you something else instead, judging from the price of that bass, that's also your price limit. If I were you I would buy a Traben Array with that money. They cost somewhere in the 250-300 range and they're probably one of the best basses you can buy for that money.

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