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MAJORdorMo 2008-02-20 00:34

Critique My Bass Solo

Please critique it. Ignore the slight pause about halfway through.
It is based off natural minor, harmonic minor, and pentatonic scales in the key of E.

Please don't be too hard on me I'm only 15 and been playing/learning theory since August 07.

And before people ask, yes, I am able to play it in real life, but I had no means of recording.

Here is it with guitar:
I wrote it before hearing guitars, so I was extremely lucky that it fit (and was even in same key!)

Henning 2008-02-28 16:56

I like it. Expecially the second part. As improvement I think you should be less bound by the scale (the first part mostly sounds like playing a scale up and down) and add some rythmic stuff too. Change from 8ths to triplets or do pauses/long notes for example. It will make the solo sound more interesting.

blitz906 2008-03-03 02:28

Very good. Catchy, yet not too flashy. It's interesting. Good stuff.

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