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Sycophant 2008-01-21 12:43

half-diminished & whole diminished wtf??
So I was watching an old Dave Chastain guitar video last night, and he starts talking about the whole diminished scale and how it's different from the half-diminished scale everyone's familiar with.
He didn't explain the difference between the two, but then proceeded to turn a harmonizer on in parallel thirds and played some totally stomach churning evil-ass shit.
I've never even heard of the whole diminished scale, even when I was learning about theory and all that. I know half-diminished is when you stack minor 3rds on top of eachother but what's the deal with whole diminished?

davie_gravy 2008-01-21 16:04

Um... This should help.

There are two different types of diminished scales the whole-half (often called 'whole diminished') and half-whole (often called 'half diminished'). The whole-half scale is simply whole step-half step-whole step-half step... to compute the diminished scale. The half-whole is the same thing but starting the scale with a half step so it would be... half step-whole step-half step-whole step...

Sycophant 2008-01-21 19:05

Yeah I see where I was misunderstood now, I was confusing the actual diminished SCALE with what a diminshed TRIAD is. Thanks man.

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