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Cryogenic 2008-01-16 17:01

1 New Release and News from Cryogenic Records
Archons a melodic death metal band from Quebec is releasing in February/March 2008 its first album called The Consequences of Silence and 2 songs *rough mix* are now available on their myspace!

Also here is some others bands from Quebec that are under the Cryogenic label with the links to listen to their stuff.

Cryptik Howling - Black metal

Descend into Nothingness - Technic death metal

Your Last Wish - Death thrash metal

Korpius - Brutal death

Decrepity - Brutal death

AbitAbyss - Grind

You can also access to some songs from the Cryogenic Records MySpace

BassBehemoth 2008-01-16 18:36

Descend Into Nothingness reformed? Awesome.

Cryogenic 2008-01-16 20:12

Here's the cover for the upcoming album from Archons!

BassBehemoth 2008-01-16 23:41

I also liked the sound of that band. I'll probably pick that album up when it comes out. It's nice to support Canada once and awhile.

Requiem 2008-01-17 12:11

Some great bands.

Decending Into Nothingness reminds me of Vehemence.

Cryogenic 2008-01-25 13:18

We've just replaced the 2 songs from Archons with a new mix now containing the back vocals and a better overall sound.

Check it out!

Henning 2008-01-25 16:48

I seriously want that Archons CD. Korpius, Cryptik Howling and Your Last Wish were good too.

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