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walpurgis 2002-09-02 15:20

Anyone know where I can locate tabs for Planets Collide and Lasting Dose, or feel like tabbing em out for me?

memnoch 2002-09-02 16:25

Me and FD were going to try and tab The Lasting Dose about a month ago.....but we were pretty lazy and gave up.

Maybe we'll give it another shot sometime.

Father Death 2002-09-16 22:11

oohhh yeah i remember that...i'll give it a shot this or next week.

walpurgis 2002-09-17 12:07

You damn people are lazy, I think it's because you're too close to those damn lazy Eskimos :)

memnoch 2002-09-17 12:53

Hehe, i got drunk with them last night.:D :drunk:

walpurgis 2002-09-18 20:39

With Eskimos?

Father Death 2002-09-24 23:11

i'm not totally lazy, i just forgot all about crowbar until now...OK, this week or next...

memnoch 2002-09-25 05:10

Originally posted by walpurgis
With Eskimos?

Yeah, they really know how to drink!

!!RaGe!! 2002-10-02 12:20

i did have some crowbar tabs but i forgot the website if i find it i will post it

Father Death 2002-10-02 22:27

lol...maaaan i always forget about crowbar...i'll get it on it dogg...

!!RaGe!! 2002-11-11 11:54

REQ:Crowbar-On Frozen Ground
anyone here got the tab 4 this? father death is good at tabbing out crowbar songs so if u could do this 1 4 me man it wood b great

!!RaGe!! 2003-01-05 17:49

anyone got this tab or could tab it out? thanks

Father Death 2003-01-07 21:25


walpurgis 2003-01-08 00:44

It's your friendly neighborhood yeti wanting Crowbar tabs...
Planets Collide


Scattered Pieces Lay

If anyone can do them, I can guarantee I'll get Cthulhu Dawn to give you head or somethin. :D

Lord Arioch 2003-01-08 11:35

ok here it's a Planets Collide tab I've found on Harmony-central
don't know if it's accurate
I can't tell I don't know the song

hope it helps
there it goes

Planets Collide by CROWBAR
burnt to the ground by Matthew Writt

Hey guys. There isn't nearly enough Crowbar tab out there,
so here's some. I just got my ESP viper baritone, and this
song sounds so awesomeon it! Hope y'all enjoy this one.

Disclaimer, i play rhythm only. no solos will be here.
i also am pretty lazy at tabbing. things like vibrato you just
add where you hear it.

Here goes nothin...


Main Riff
D: ---4-----------
A: --4--2-2-------
E: -2---2-0---4--5
B: ----------2--3-

Fill 1 Fill 2
B: --------- ------------ 17p15-15----
G: 11--14--- ------------ ---------14~
D: 11--14-12 14p12-12---- ------------
A: 9---12-12 ---------12~ ------------
* * *
*Chord should be strummed

E: /77-55---/4-44444444-------4h5-|-4-44444444-----540
B: /55-33---/2-22222222-2320-3----|-2-22222222-320----

Bridge: This part played 2 times, then play the verse riff w/
no fills

G: 11--14-16-18---18/19-19-19/18-18/16-16
D: --------------------------------------
A: 9---12-14-16---16/17-17-17/16-16/14-14
* * * *

*Chords should be strummed

Father Death 2003-01-11 19:49



!!RaGe!! 2003-01-12 09:53

thanks for that mate really appreciate it :beer:

radiohater 2003-02-07 06:26

That's a negative on those two, can I interest you in The Lasting Dose?

radiohater 2003-02-10 20:51

I posted tabs to The Lasting Dose here, here's the link

ParaQ 2003-04-16 09:56

I would need tabs for (at least) guitar (drums also would be so very nice):D

The song is called Like a Broken Glass.

I thought to play it with my real-life band, but i just couldn't find good tabs for it.

Oh...btw. I would also need the timings to the tabs.

Thank You!

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