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far_beyond_sane 2002-11-10 20:15

RTT #13 - This is your blind-worm cycle

So there.

warnerve92 2002-11-10 20:31

I agree.

Jimi Hendrix shouldn't be dead.

Gigantic Penis 2002-11-10 21:28

yes he should be dead. he OD'ed, its his own fault

1.the dragon is ok, however, it looks like "The Joacim Lies Bleeding"

2. that kid was "Heeding the Call" to kick Joacim's ass.

3. He is "Stronger Than All" except for when he opposes crazy kids with beer bottles

4. Joacim- "The Fallen One"

5. "Let the Joacim Fall"

6. Joacim went to "Dreamland"

7. "At the End of the Rainbow" is a few scars and a hospital bill.

8. "Steel Meets Steel"? more like bottle meets face....

9. "Stone Cold"=Joacim

10. I guess "The Way of the Warrior" is to get their asses handed to them by little punks

11. "Always Will Be" scarred

12. Joacim couldn't "Raise the Hammer" in time cuz the kid raised the bottle too quickly.

13. "Living in Victory"? yeah right, I'd say he just lived a night at the hospital

14. It is sad how a "Templar of Steel" can lose to a kid with a bottle.

15. I guess the word "Power", in Power Metal dioesn't stand for physical power.

16. Joacim should have been wearing his plate mail armor WITH the helmet

17. Joacim lost cuz he was only carrying his Dragon Slayer Sword instead of his Little Punk Black Metal Fan Slayer Sword.

18. Joacim couldn't get any help from his fellow band mates because they were busy masterbating to a movie......... not a porno movie, no, it was "Lord of the Rings"

19. Oscar (HF guitarist), would have helped Joacim, but he was trying to hit on some women by telling them about his Level 35 Paladin

20. Joacim lost the fight because Jesper Stromblad wasn't there to help him, Joacim probably expected Jesper to automatically help him because Jesper helps HammerFall write so many of their songs.

1. the drummer was having Joacim "Heed the Call" in his pants.

2. "PeckerFall"

3. Power metal clearly stands for Joacim's cock working power.

4. Joacim is and the drummer are going "Back to Back'.................. in bed

5. "The Dragon Lies Bleeding" ............ probably from the butt if Joacim just got to him.....

atifman 2002-11-10 21:38

goddam dude let it go,'s already established that this Joacim character is a faggot......let it go dude.

slayme_returns 2002-11-10 21:54

don't let it go, fuck him in his faggot ass.

mrweijia 2002-11-10 21:58


CradleOfFilth 2002-11-10 22:06

Originally posted by mrweijia


mrweijia 2002-11-10 22:08

hey wally, since you're becoming a nuclear technician, can i call you homer?

atifman 2002-11-10 22:11

shut the fuck up weijia

slayme_returns 2002-11-10 22:19

Originally posted by atifman
shut the fuck up weijia

walpurgis 2002-11-10 22:26

Originally posted by mrweijia
hey wally, since you're becoming a nuclear technician, can i call you homer?


PST 88 2002-11-10 23:08

Shut the fuck up weijia and get your goddamn middle eastern foods out of here. Wait, nevermind, just shut the fuck up.

atifman 2002-11-10 23:34

yeah middle-eastern food rules (i could go for a crunch patty sandwich, but weijia sucks big moneynuts.

mrweijia 2002-11-10 23:35


Gigantic Penis 2002-11-10 23:37

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I CANT LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its cuz nothing like this will EVER happen again. the ONLY thing that can top this is if Byron from Bal Sagoth gets his ass kicked.

damn nightwish is just too good.

Gigantic Penis 2002-11-10 23:40

ha, i like that last spam thread

"Seems like it might be useful......"

i like how he even added the smiley face next to the thread...............


DerMeister 2002-11-13 14:10

If a black man played metal, would it then be black metal? And is there such a thing as spermafrost?
I just have to ask!

Gigantic Penis 2002-11-13 16:45

if a black man played metal it would be called Stuck Mojo. Spermafrost? never heard of the term............

it is really difficult to try and cut out a neat slice of banana cream pie.....messy.....

powersofterror 2002-11-13 18:41

Originally posted by Gigantic Penis
if a black man played metal it would be called Stuck Mojo.

or sepultura, the crap of today

Gigantic Penis 2002-11-13 22:27

well Stuck Mojo is fronted by a man with African heritage.

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