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The Crying Orc 2002-11-09 23:11

The New Morons (continued..)
Yeah, there is more of them here, look!

All the stupid names, stupid posts, etc...

This place is really going up! :)

INVERTED 2002-11-10 00:46

Chill out man. I can understand if it's one dumbass but you can't make a generalization like that about everybody. Just like with metal, all the good band names are taken, but that dosen't mean that the bands with the stupid names suck.

Katham 2002-11-10 09:30

I agree with Inverted.

Def 2002-11-10 09:42

ah well you gotta give him some credit, orcy is right...

but I think this won't really help anyone, it won't go away so just try to live with it, and not everybody is as bad as they seem to be.

walpurgis 2002-11-10 13:02

The first one of these was closed for a reason.

Gigantic Penis 2002-11-10 19:26

Re: The New Morons (continued..)
Originally posted by The Crying Orc

All the stupid names, stupid posts, etc...

I think nomad would find this to be a stupid post.........

The Crying Orc 2002-11-11 14:28

I agree that was stupid, and this will not help anyone by putting these threads up.
But these idiots come here, post about 4 times than never come back, and when they have a question, If I know something about that something they are asking such as the Nile Sound thread, and many other threads from way back when...I give my info to these newbies, and they never return to find out what they were asking, those are the ones that piss me off.
Hell no this is not going to help anyone, but as I said before, I just needed to get this out, and I did, but it is still there, and it still sucks with these people.
You guys (moderators) should cancel peoples accounts that haven't been active atleast two months.
Just to keep this place clean, and moron-free. :)

walpurgis 2002-11-11 16:14

Only nomad can ban and/or remove people.

The Crying Orc 2002-11-12 02:08

Hmm, thanks for letting me know.

Look at this "danzig" scum messing up the forums.
Goddamn, I hate these people..

Def 2002-11-12 02:47

hehe you should get some stress relief to take that anger out of you, try kickboxing or something man, or take hold of a guitar and go apeshit :D

Gigantic Penis 2002-11-12 15:27

what ever happened to faceboy?????

Orc, its a public forum so there are always gonna be retards...... trust me, its better than it just being the mods and like 10 other people.........

mrweijia 2002-11-12 18:39

i agree, it does keep it interesting

Def 2002-11-13 06:04

and annoying as hell.

all the newer people seem to be fuckups.
there are some exceptions, but not many

The Crying Orc 2002-11-13 21:44

Well ok, I know it is a public forum, and sometimes it is a little amusing to read these senseless posts from new cunts.

If anyone gets fed up, you better show it here.
It will make me look totally mondo rad if all these people said "yeah, fuck the new cunts!"

(I am being honest.)
:( :confused: .........:flame:

The Crying Orc 2002-11-13 21:50

Can I bring back the old Orc and be an asshole to the new cunts?...please?:(

mrweijia 2002-11-13 22:02

yeah, fuck the new cunts!

The Crying Orc 2002-11-14 01:38

I am asking that question to the members superior to you, you cunt!

Def 2002-11-14 03:15

Originally posted by The Crying Orc
Can I bring back the old Orc and be an asshole to the new cunts?...please?:(

yes, you may, that would be a relief, it's nothing like you to act like a tree hugging hippie like you are now.

stop beeing nice to people man, it isn't your style :cool:

Jarhead 2002-11-14 09:22 long ago do you have to have joined to not be considered a new cunt?

The Crying Orc 2002-11-14 17:01

Fuck you, cunt.

Libido airbag.

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