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deeds 2007-11-03 14:23

Brutal Death Metal setup on Boss GT 8?
If anyone could help me with an advice, that would be great...

How can I get a brutal death metal sound out of the Boss GT 8? I mean, something like Deeds of Flesh, Suffocation, Disavowed etc?

I play on a KKV B.C. Rich guitar (with regular BDSM pickups), directly into the mixer and sometimes through a Randall RG100G3 (on the clean channel).

Thanx in advance !

Mordor 2007-11-04 17:40

you should change out the regular bc rich pickups, i ve got some and they really do suck, you can achieve an alright tone but nothing extremely good, as far as the boss goes, i used to have a gt6, which i ran on the clean channel of a box standard marshall, and then i played a jcm 2000 dsl 100 head and realised that the boss had to go :beer:

Soeru 2007-11-04 18:26

Just try to coax a decent sound out of it twisting knobs and such, read the manual, maybe check online for other people's settings but if I were you I'd just edit the patches it has to my liking.

You don't like the gain channel on the Randall? I figure it gets pretty brutal.

the_bleeding 2007-11-04 18:55

use the randall's amp distortion.

use the 4 cable method (look it up on the internetz) to get some sweetness goin on.

set the gt-8 to use its "RAT" or "808" overdrive settings, they'll probably sound the best as boosts.

Make sure the fuckin noisegate is on in the loop.

Mortal_Lament 2007-11-04 20:14

i love that randall combo. Has some very sick chug tones, just takes a very little bit of tweeking. I don't think that the overdrive is necissary, maybe just a volume boost for cleans.
But yeah, just fiddle with the patches, i always hated huge floor models, too digital.

deeds 2007-11-05 02:26

Thanks a lot, guys !

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