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Outbreak of Evil 2007-11-03 10:18

Where should I look to find guitars for smaller handed people?
Should I ask the local music stores?
Should I look online?
Do you know of any good stores I can order online from?
what's the most economical approach to buying such a custom guitar?

I am particularily looking for a classical guitar, but I don't mind if you can show me around to electric or acoustic ones too.

Mortal_Lament 2007-11-03 10:41

how do you mean "small hands" ?
Unless you are like, 9 years old, a normal guitar is fine. Just look for 'children's guitars'. They have small hands. I had a half pint guitar when i was a kid.

MetalThrashingMad 2007-11-03 11:44

Mortal_Lament 2007-11-03 13:19

dear sweet jesus. I feel like i wasted the first 8 years of my life, lol

4d5e6f 2007-11-03 15:48

Could be a midget.

Midnight Empire 2007-11-03 17:41

The Jagstang by Fender has a tiny fretboard.

sqol 2007-11-03 18:09

I think you'd be very unlikely to find a classical guitar with a small neck- the 'defining' bit of a classical guitar neck is a flat radius and nice and wide, because they were designed to be played fingerstyle, and not really strummed chords.

Mordor 2007-11-04 17:35

As far as electrics go, you should be searching for a guitar with a 24.75 scale and either a R1 or R2 nut, eg kramer nightswans, peavey v types or vandenburgs :beer: ,

Blizzard Beast 2007-11-24 13:24

I have a jackson fusion standard. this guitar is very small when compared to other guitars. It does have 24 frets though. I dont believe they make these anymore. Mine was made in the 80's. Might be able to find one used.

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