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Mortal_Lament 2007-10-30 18:55

Marshall 1960 A (straight cabinet) for sale
I want to rid myself of this 4X12 and pick up a 2X12, saves on space y'know. So, before going to ebay or any of my friends, is there anyone here interested in it?
It came with my JCM 800 for about 2 grand (2400 to be exact), not sure how they go seperate, and i'm willing to let this go for a ballpark of 500 USD. This cabinet new would be 900-1000 USD, as you can see here and here
I'd be lying if i said this was not used, and i do not know the exact day it was built. There is a tear in the back of about 3 inches that a little glue could fix up, but other then that it seems good.

If anyone is interested and wants pictures, PM me, or just write on this forum.

Mortal_Lament 2007-11-02 06:41

500 is just a ballpark. Accepting trades for a 2 X 12 with v30s in it. I don't care about the make or color, as long as it has v30s,and it works. If not, 500ISH dollars.

FearFrost 2007-11-08 10:20

wherein canada are you?

Me likes Marshall cabs

Mortal_Lament 2007-11-08 20:51

sent an email to you, if it didn't work ,send one to me.

MetalThrashingMad 2007-11-08 21:29

Jesus, $500 for a 1960 cab. That's a thinker.

FearFrost 2007-11-08 23:46


MetalThrashingMad 2007-11-09 16:38

You got nothin, BITCH.

davie_gravy 2007-11-09 17:23


I'm interested as well.

Can you send me some pictures? My E-mail

How much would shipping cost to the US? approx?

FearFrost 2007-11-09 23:26

remember, IM CANADIAN our $ is more then the puny USD!


Mortal_Lament 2007-11-10 08:20

Pictures will be updated next time i go to practice. (monday?)
Davie_grey, Fearfrost is right, i'll have to charge the 500 on top of the shipping...ballpark 100+ for shipping, although i'm not sure. I'll be using USPS, they are really reliable, but kinda expensive. But i figure it's worth it, so you don't have a cab in pieces.
More importantly ,how does everyone want to pay? Pay Pall is alright, a check in the mail is decent as well.

FearFrost 2007-11-10 11:54

i can pay palpay RIGHT now, but i need to know were in ontario you live, because a family member can come get it for me, and drive it to me haha

Mortal_Lament 2007-11-10 12:14

alright man, whats your email address, we'll figure it out. Unless davie can give a better offer.

FearFrost 2007-11-10 12:21

steve.o.fett AT

davie_gravy 2007-11-11 20:39

I'd like to see some pictures. So does this cab have the greenbacks or the G12T's in em? You posted a link for the AC cab which has the greenbacks, the 1960A has the G12T's in em. Can you get an accurate shipping quote? My zip is 72843. If I could get it for $500 plus actual shipping costs, I'd do it and deal with ya in if its got the greenbacks em in.

Mortal_Lament 2007-11-12 07:30

it has the g12t's, but, sorry my friend, i have sold the cabinet just now, better luck next time

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