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- EXILE - 2007-09-18 20:17

Help on improving
Hey guys please check out my MySpace and tell me what you think of my vocals or song over all. I do vocals, gatz and drums for the first 3 songs and mixed them together seeing as my guitarist is to busy with his other band lol no effects as you can probably tell. I wouldn't mind doing vocals for a already formed band. I saw a thread below to do with an 'Internet Project' anyone ever tried that? Im still trying to get some money together for a new mic and double kick. Anyway just wanted to know any suggestions on how to improve. Thanks!

Amadeus 2007-10-04 13:35

Hm, not much material to go by; what I'd really like is more and preferably a bit with only vocals... if you can't dominate the stage with your voice only you got no business getting up there with instrumental backup.
However, I still maintain that good vocals - pig squeals, far flung power metal, Halford screams, growling or opera - is a matter of the same basic breathing technique. Before I launch into something here, I'll just ask how much you already know on this note?

- EXILE - 2007-10-08 02:20

Thanks for the reply, Yes I do know how to breath correctly when singing. Sorry about the lack of material I got at the moment, once I can get some other people willing to play I should be able to get alot more.

idolless 2007-10-20 07:46

It sounds pretty cool. :beer: :beer:

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