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Infinity 2007-09-17 09:28

Track 5ive
Row your boat
Gently down the stream
Desperation and fear
That life is but a dream

How can I live if I can't dream
I don't fall asleep - I fall apart at the seams
Pulling at the loose thread
The anxiety of dread

That I'll realise I'm dead
And there's no Heaven after all
No paradise for me
That I've seved as a ghost
And and wasted all my time

In a paranoid reality
Where everyone's against me

I can't describe the
Things I feel inside
There's nowhere to hide
So I'll bottle it up til I die

And where's this leave me
Alone and cold and dead
Is this reality
All a part of my head

It's too hard to believe that things could be any other way
I don't look forward to each day because I know it's not worth it anyway
I just want to love the world and to love the person I am
But to lie to myself is to lie for everything which I stand

In a paranoid reality
Where everyone's against me

There's no other way
For myself I fear have nothing
Noone no sense of self
But hate and sadness

Overwhelming sadness
Overwhelming sadness

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