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Infinity 2007-08-21 10:30

hyper reality
im so fucking sick of how fake the world is these days
heres the thing, i might be an ant but im building a huge conspiracy web
see when im at my nine to five doing things that drones do
im pulling the fleece over societies eyes
here we care about you and your money
so we'll build a hyper-reality for you
blissful and full of false emotion
and you won't even notice
from the fleece over your eyes and growing on your backs
every day is a facing day
step through our doors, strip all our shelves
but tomorrow youll be back without a second thought about what you bought
and where is the hole if its where its not that you left in the deep dark atrium of my canned colour
beware when you step through our doors because our webs are sticky
dear customer, we care about your needs
dear consumer, you are being monitored by cameras
dear customer, we thank you for your cooperation
behind those happy faces youll find the politics of retail
its a cut throat business, keep your eyes on your feet and your feet on the ground
because as much as you like to think it so, this is not your town and ill try my hardest to bring you down
if you try your hardest to ease the customer into a sense of being so safe and sound
ill ignore the fact you spoke to your one and only comerade when you were walking around
these psychological prices are not what keeps business growing
its the boundless human stupidity thats keeps our crops a-sewing
but ill just keep walking the walk and talking the talk
because eating the path is the easiest thing i can do for myself

L,B'XXX 2007-08-21 19:24

Gnarly. I liked that. Title caught my eye, but I got a surprise for content.

I think you used the wrong spelling of a-sowing referring to crops. Not a big deal though.

I don't know if this was more "Wallyworld" or Chinese import related, but they flashed back and forth in my head.

Normally, I'd say to break up the lines, but with the statement it's making I think it adds to the fleece over the eyes feel. Nice one.

Wolfsherz 2007-08-22 08:33

Hm, this really is quite good.
Is it to be put to music or "just" text?

Infinity 2007-08-22 09:46

i know ill never get around to making music to this.

L,B'XXX 2007-08-22 16:26

Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney both did poetry books. Maybe you could compose something like that in the realm you write about.

Unanything 2007-08-22 18:53

This sounded like a good concept, given Bobbi's interpretation, for a tale in a world like the one in William Gibson's 'Neuromancer'. Had the vernacular/colloquial feel, as well as the more abstract touches as in 'veiling eyes' and 'eating paths'. Also has the grim vision of the world (although in Neuromancer, the world is often portrayed quite grandly at the same time, as Gibson goes on about the geodesics of domes et cetere).

Maybe you could complete - or expand - this into like a long prose or poem. Or a concept album with accompanying music.

Liked it. :D

teena888 2009-08-22 02:48

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Tulvox 2009-08-22 05:52

Corporations kill.

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