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Moonshield 2002-11-02 12:43

The Unknown
Feedback please

When you sleep
We thrive
When you die
We're still alive
An ancient race
Archaic indeed
Are we true
Thats for you to believe
We create
Our own myths
Our word is spread
You did't know this
Anywhere in the world
We create our home
Roaming the land
Our cause unknown

Why have we come here
The answer only we will know
Why do we cause fear
The answer will be forever unknown

Misunderstood by the masses
We show ourselves
When the day passes
Could it be fear
Or maybe hate
Either way
We're irate
We know everything
About you all
We will rise
And you will fall
The day will come
When we arive
You will run
But not survive


Look at the monster you have become
You will fade away
That's the rule of thumb
Look in the mirror
And see your face
Nothing is clear
But you'll leave without a trace

Chorus (x2)
Chorus (x2)

By the way - I'm new here, so hey!

Def 2002-11-02 13:38

the lyrical stuff is okay but I don't like the subject so I kinda got tired of reading it.

I'm just not the kind of guy for 'ancient race' stuff.

mrweijia 2002-11-05 09:51

i think its ok maybe a bit short, i'd like to know what inspired the song.

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