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sparkyflash 2007-08-02 12:40

Interchange Electronic Kick Pads?
Can anyone tell me if you can interchange kick pads for electronic drum sets? I have a Yamaha, but the kick pad doesn't seem big enough for a double pedal. Roland looks like they have some nice ones. And before you beat on me, I know electronic drums aren't REAL metal drums. I had to go that route for the neighbors!! Any help would be appreciated.

baptized_in_blood 2007-08-03 13:37

i really dont think it matter what kind of pad you use, as long as they have same input/output sizes (ive only seen ones that use 1/4" cords). so yeah im pretty sure.

i also had to go with e kits for noise reasons, but then i switched my bass drum on my regular drumset for the kick pads for now till i get axis ekits.

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