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4d5e6f 2007-07-26 20:24

Melodic death metal from Mexico? Doesn't sound like it'd be too good, but when they sent me a friends request on myspace, I decided I'd give them a shot. Turned out to be pretty good! Definitely going to keep an eye on this band.

CannibalXampire 2007-07-26 20:28

Reminds me a lot of nothing special.

Kalmahswamp 2007-07-26 21:57

Seriously, why would anyone even bother listening to a band like this? There are 1,000,000,000,000,000 other bands that sound exactly like this yet better...melodic death metal has been beaten to hell.

4d5e6f 2007-07-26 22:25

Sorry, didn't know that they're so unorignal: melodic death metal is one of the genres I haven't really explored yet so it sounded good to me.

Requiem 2007-07-26 22:31

These guys aren't your generic Swedish melo death.

I'm liking it.

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