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Midwinter-Gates 2007-07-09 10:56

Midwinter-Gates Compositions
Just thought I'd share some of my compositions with you guys for some critique.

First off is a really old DM tune I wrote for a project. Kinda influenced by Amorphis back then, and it's pretty simple.

Second one can be found here:

It's a band recording with vocals and everything. Recorded it pretty quickly at a rehearsal. Keyboards and drums are unfortunately MIDI. I was trying to mix death metal and doom metal with this project (yeah the name is cheesy and was meant as a joke-project at first, but we decided to try and do it more seriously in the end)

And heres a few really old thrash tunes.

Intro of the first one is kinda ripped off from my favourite thrash tune.

Midwinter-Gates 2007-10-05 19:41

Just finished a new song...

GP export as I'm too shitty and lazy to record.

Not the most original stuff. Just felt kinda inspired to do some FF / all those meshuggah clone bands (whom all rule btw) stuff. Pretty simple.

Midwinter-Gates 2007-10-12 15:40

Uploaded a new version here if anyones interested:

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