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PST 88 2007-06-28 07:03

Forum Rules
1. Everything that's against the rules elsewhere is against the rules here. That means no trolling, spamming, unprovoked or underprovoked insults, etc. Complaints that the mods don't find useful will be disregarded and made fun of, so be careful.

2. This forum is for constructive criticism on compositions. That does not mean you can't dog somebody else's song because it sucks. It means you have to explain why it sucks and give some kind of advice for how it could not suck, if that's possible. If it isn't, don't bother saying anything as obviously there's nothing to be said.

3. Since the forum is for constructive criticism, we need to have a reasonable understanding of the songs in question. Which means we need to be able to hear them, not just read the tablatures to songs we've never heard. So, please, post nothing here without some sort of audio, or it shall be deleted.

4. Don't post compositions that aren't original - or reasonably near it. If you post something your bandmate wrote, that's fine. If you post something Steve Harris wrote, that isn't. Don't post copyrighted material, whether or not you claim it as your own. Obviously, we have other spaces for tabs.

Enjoy each other's songs.

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