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dialupdaemon 2007-04-18 23:13

Another Opeth-Style Attempt
I've very recently started trying to learn how to do growling vocals in the style of Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth. Heres my attempt at doing the introduction to their song Ghost of Perdition:
All honest feedback would be appreciated as well as tips on how to achieve the same/similar sounds without hurting my throat.

7-string warlord 2007-04-25 18:21

Well considering you haven't been doing this for a while you are quite good. It sounds like you are not being loud with it, kinda like a Barnes whisper thing. Just keep practicing and you'll get louder and have less pain in time.

sixsicsix 2007-04-25 19:15

right now it kinda sounds like a weak barnes thing.
push more, use more diafragm(whatever) just keep practicing and drink PLENTY OF WATER

- EXILE - 2007-04-27 02:59

Sounds like you got the right thing going on, only problem i can point out is that its kinda under your breath if you kno what i mean, try pushing harder and opening your throat more and see if it sounds any better.

JAMF 2007-07-19 17:22

I liked this cover.

I think the vocals were too high in the mix though. It sounds like you have the mic really close to your mouth. Try turning the level up, holding the mic further away and singing louder.

Wanted to hear you singing the "Devil cracked his earthly shell" part. :)

SuspendedByTheThroat 2007-07-22 21:56

he's definatly not pushing out enough at all, almost sounds like a headvoice attempt at singing like chris barnes in that one six feet under song that i hate so much.

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