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Tattered 2002-10-24 12:59

Who Can Read Music?
Since i have been playing bass (February 2002) i have been reading music off tablature, not the real notated stuff, could anyone preferably teach me or give me any good websites, books, or whatever that will guide me through my problem?

Cheers! :beer:

Freezer666 2002-10-24 14:09

get any "basic" theory books...should have something in 'em

or if you can give me a pic of a "real" tab and tell me what you dont understand, i could tell you(im not really good at explaining:P

oh yeah and check the regular guitar/bass theory sites, might have something in there too ( etc)

you could also get powertab, and compare the guitarish tabs to the realish tabs(theres both in the prog)

MetalPoldi 2002-10-24 20:29

Just get a teacher. It's the easiest way, before you misunderstood some things that arte not clearly explained. He can teach you all the things like staccato, different note systems,... If you want to be an awesome player, it's worth to spend the money.

Def 2002-10-25 04:42

yup, I also learned it from my bass teacher, it's nice to be able to read music, you can play bach etc on bass :)

Tattered 2002-10-25 13:34

Hey freezer, could you tell me what this would be played like on the bass, fret and string wise..?

Cheers!:beer: :)

MetalPoldi 2002-10-25 19:37

You've got to post the "note symbol".
If it's the first in my attachment, it's: d, f, a, c, d, e, g | e, g, b, d, f
If it's the second attachment, it's: f, a, c, e, g, b | g, b, d, f, a
I hope that was right, because i'm totally drunk. :D

Tattered 2002-11-03 15:42

Oh man, i need serious help, i have this GCSE music thing, and i need to write this blues song in standard notation real sheet music! and i have nothing man, i need to know how to read and write it, any sites any help? i would be very thankful if you did.


mrweijia 2002-11-03 16:39

Originally posted by tatter3d
Hey freezer, could you tell me what this would be played like on the bass, fret and string wise..?

Cheers!:beer: :)

i'm thinking that you'd be reading it off the bass clef, not the treble clef. the bass clef is the one that looks like a comma

Def 2002-11-04 14:18

its a pretty weird symbol actually, looks like an ear with a ' : ' attached to it

Freke 2002-11-09 15:49

Tattered 2002-11-10 06:29

Sweet cheers, kinda obvious site though:beer:

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