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eviscerator 2002-10-23 16:25

Drums made on a PC
I've been seing a lot of "how do i make drums on my pc" threads so i thought i'd put this thread together. Anyway, you really should use a program called Impulse Tracker (here). It rules. I cooked together an mp3 as an example of what can be accomplished in it...keep in mind this mp3 was a quickie, much greater things are possible.....


If there are any requests, i can make a little thread on how to get started with impulse tracker

CradleOfFilth 2002-10-23 17:44

how to use this program ???
i really dont understand :confused: <


eviscerator 2002-10-24 11:35

1 - press F3, then enter. Navigate to a wave(or some other format) file (for example the sound of a bassdrum)

2 - go to line 2 and press enter. Navigate to another sound (a snare sound for example

3 - Press F2. Then using the buttons Q,W,E....P. Navigate the cursor around and insert notes as you see fit. Press F6 to hear what you made. Note that unlike other musicsoftwares, it goes downwards instead og horizontal like in midi and stuff

hope this helped....if you want i could upload a zip to my server with some samples you (and others) could use ?

CradleOfFilth 2002-10-26 09:20

thanx i'm gonna try:D


CradleOfFilth 2002-10-26 15:34

why there's some fucked signs on the program??
sorry i cant explain it that much
i'll take a screenshoot

CradleOfFilth 2002-10-26 15:38

1 Attachment(s)
here's the screen shot
please tell me if its normal

eviscerator 2002-10-26 20:31

Well you gotta run it in fullscreen, otherwise it looks fucked. I think it's alt+enter. Also note that this program works best in win98. It does work in WinXp too but the sound will be fucked there. Doesn't matter though cuz if you run your file in a player like winamp or modplug, it'll sound just fine (the sound you get when you run it in xp isn't shitty enough for you to not be able to hear what the sounds are).

CradleOfFilth 2002-11-03 18:59

COOL its working fine
but one thing.....
when i play it, its repeated 8 time (exemple) but when i save it, its not repeated:(
7 seconds its not long enought to make a song, how can i save the reapetition??

eviscerator 2002-11-06 06:37

oops, i forgot to mention that.

When you make a pattern in F2 (scroll through pattern 0,1,2, etc. with + and - on the numeric keypad), you have to press F11 to go to the order list. In 000 you write what pattern has to be played first, in 001 you write which pattern should play second.

CradleOfFilth 2002-11-06 15:57

thanx eviscerator, you're the man:D

eviscerator 2002-11-10 14:38

you're welcome :D

MeTalManiac555 2003-03-13 23:27

Does that program work pretty good, because all the one's that I have used suck and they are messed up and don't sound good. Please let me know. Thanks and hail!

eviscerator 2003-04-04 04:41

It only sounds as good as the samples you use. If you use samples that are 8000khz, 8bit, then it'll sound like that, and if you use 44100khz-16bit, it'll sound like that. You can also combine it, so you use a bunch of bad and good samples. Then when you play your musicfile, the sounds will be played according to which format they are....hope it made sense :)

The Doctor 2003-04-22 12:15

well, i just downloaded it and i eally really really want to use it, but hence my stupidity i have no clue how to.

so if you have the time could you tell me step by step how to do the most simple beat?

appreciate it mate.

nightrider06 2003-04-23 08:13

yeh i downaloded and thats about as far as i got. i cant seem to get it to work, any ideas?

vileangelofdeth 2003-04-23 19:02

Fruity loops 3.4 works pretty good for sequencing drum beats, i downloaded some realistic samples online and used fruity loops to put them together. listen here...

Bones98 2003-09-22 19:30

dude, that Impulse program, is it a DOS program?

eviscerator 2003-10-09 16:19

Yes, but on my website ( ) is a guide on how to make it work properly with Windows 2000/XP...

maggot666 2006-09-05 09:50

Why i can't open the damn thing!?

tmfreak 2006-09-05 09:54

You dig up some seriously ancient threads and hope the media and websites placed in them like 2 or 3 years ago still work. That makes about zero sense.

Welcome to the internet.... welcome.

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