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The Doctor 2007-04-07 10:11

Sudden Death - Rethroned
Sudden Death - Rethroned

file under Death metal

Menno: The new record of the German band Sudden Death is called 'Rethroned', could someone please inform me what throne they might have taken then? According to their biography they have been up and running since 1990 but 'Rethroned' is their second full-length nevertheless.

Despite my prejudices against German death metal it has to be said that Sudden Death's music is firmly rooted in the nineties. Don't expect any modern crap but be prepared for simple death metal lacking in blastbeats and comparable to Carcass and Cancer. Sudden Death probably never made it big because of problems with labels or band members with the wrong priorities. The record sounds not bad at all; I would rather sit through a couple of hours of this kind of music than listening to the next failed USDM-clone. Another reason why Sudden Death never broke through could be the awful taste in artwork, comparable to the also horrendous 'Back From The Dead' by Obituary.

Rating: 75/100 (details)

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