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Midnight 2002-10-20 17:37

Vader, Immolation, Origin
Whooo Vader, Immolation, and Origin are touring right now i'm going to see them in Wisconsin Nov 16th.. I'm not sure when they're coming here to Ohio.. Or if they are.. I haven't even looked.. but that should be an incredible fucking show..

Disciple 2002-10-20 18:02

Wow,that's a good show...

Dyldo 2002-10-20 21:29

are they ever coming to california?

Lord Malphas 2002-10-20 22:04

yeah they are comming here(Ft.Lauderdale) in December 5 ... with The Berseker also ... it's gonna be awesome !

Dyldo 2002-10-20 23:53

is The Berserker any good? The name sounds brutal.

Lord Malphas 2002-10-21 00:04

yeah good shit

memnoch 2002-10-21 05:04

God damnit don't repeat threads.

Disciple 2002-10-21 11:14

I know,but it's about Immolation so I forgive him.

Midnight 2002-10-21 12:59

Yup my bad.. I didn't see the post I didn't even look to see if someone had posted about it yet or not.. I was just excited..

memnoch 2002-10-21 15:34

Originally posted by Disciple
I know,but it's about Immolation so I forgive him.

Hehe, oh yeah! I guess i should be more forgiving too.

Father Death 2002-11-03 02:22

gunna see them in Montreal on Remembrance Day..i'll forever remember Remembrance Day as Immolation Day after that.

Argos 2002-11-03 19:26

They'll be here Nov 20.


Father Death 2002-11-16 01:33


Dyldo 2002-11-17 22:02

im seeing them november 26th at the glass house (cali) anyone going?

Midnight 2002-11-19 02:57

I went and saw the show 2 nights ago and it was incredible.. Vader slammed so fucking hard.. their sound was incredible and the place was tiny as hell.. Origin was incredible.. The Chasm showed up and played too and they weren't on the bill. that was awesome. The Berzerker blew some pretty big nuts. They had alot of sound issues. Their dj-esque drum machine was louder than the rest of the band and got really annoying really fast. But in studio recordings they sound pretty good so I won't hold it against them. Enforsaken played first and they were alright except their clean vocals were a tad cheesy but it was easily dealt with. We didn't get to stay for Immolation. Which was alright the show was incredible still without seeing them. But the place we were at went triple over capacity and the people we were being pussies so we took off. But it was still a damn good show.

Argos 2002-11-21 23:53

Saw 'em last night. What an awesome show!

Origin, well they sucked. Their sound was too bad to really make it anything but noise. I felt sorry for them, they were really trying to get the crowd going but nobody bought in.

The Berzerker..Hmm. I'm still not quite sure what to think of these guys. Their masks are absoloutly queer. They were really boring, although they did have some decent stuff to play. The snare and vocals weren't even audible.

Vader played first. Fucking awesome. The new bass player really adds to their energy onstage. I got to talk with Peter for a few minutes as he was putting his gear away. Awesome.

Immolation was awesome too, as always.

Midnight 2002-11-22 03:43

When you saw Berzerker did they still have that fucked up techno bass sound throughout EVERY fucking song?? I was about to jump on stage and smack the fuckers.. That's ALL you could hear at our show.. Origin fucking rocked when I saw them.. everyone did except for Berzerker

Argos 2002-11-22 19:29

Nope. In fact you could barely hear the bass at all. Could only hear the cymbals and toms, and the bass drums were faintly there. The rather crappy guitar overpowered everything. They could've been great if they had decent sound I suppose. Big props to Vader's sound man, some of the clearest live sound I've ever heard.

Father Death 2002-11-22 23:42

fucking Berserker, they sucked ass...fucking electronic bass drum sound, fuck off.

Dyldo 2002-11-28 21:30

i saw them 2 nights ago. Dreams of damnation should up, they wernt on the bill. There a local california band, they sucked, chick singer. Immolation was good, they have great onstage talent. Like 3 seconds after they finsih a song they start another one. Berserker are a bunch of slipknot fags. They had a really good guitarist, but the techno drum was so stupid!!! I read they have drum triggers to. yeah, but Vader saved the show. SO FUCKING AWESOME. they kicked SO much ass, just not stop brutality. i didnt stay for origin tho. did anyone go to the one in california too?

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