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Transient 2007-03-11 16:26

selling epiphone SG 310 with emg 81,85
pics upon request . anyone interested?



the_bleeding 2007-03-11 17:22

pictures pleaaasee :)

Transient 2007-03-11 18:45

ill get to it and let you know

Transient 2007-03-14 16:42

davie_gravy 2007-03-16 09:15

How much are you wanting for it?

Transient 2007-03-16 11:35

well make an offer, i paid more than i should have to have the EMGs installed so im gonna be losing money no matter what. ~300?

davie_gravy 2007-03-17 14:40

Not to be a dick or anything but I prob wouldn't give anymore than $175 for it. Which I'm sure you won't bargain with. Looking for something? Fancy a trade?

Transient 2007-03-17 14:58

yeah a parker fly deluxe :p

i know it sucks because justin just told me they sell sg 310s for like 150 bucks now. im pretty sure i paid 330 for it around 5 years ago. do you think anyone would pay more than that for it? if not id think about selling it to you for around 200

davie_gravy 2007-03-18 18:16

You're better off putting it up on ebay. People go nuts for so-so guitars loaded with EMGs. No, I don't think you're going to get more than that for it dealing this way.

Transient 2007-03-18 19:06

sounds good then

Transient 2007-06-29 00:02

id sell for around 200 now..

Arsis 2007-06-29 01:13

i could imagine 250 on ebay becouse of the emgs lol but thats just me.

Transient 2007-07-09 11:43

selling for 200 plus 30 shipping

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