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Gigantic Penis 2002-10-18 21:23

glass shatter snare
what kind of snares make the glass shattering sound? the song "the chainheart machine" by soilwork will sometimes use a snare that sounds like glass shattering, its really cool..........

eviscerator 2002-11-10 14:39

Hmm, i know the song (and the band) but it's a long time ago since i heard that song so i don't remember that glassthing. But don't you think it could've just been the song that was edited after being recorded ?

skank nasty 2002-12-06 17:53

ive never herd of them snares, id like 2 hear 1, ive only herd sabians afx cymbal which sounds like glass, but then its pink in colour so i wouldnt have 1

Chaosdemon 2002-12-07 04:18

Well I havent heard the song but I dont think that by the sound of it that glass shattering thing is by the snare, possibly it was by computer, but I dont know thats just my opinion. but you dont need to listen to me :drunk: I'm drunk lol

Polaris18716 2003-02-14 21:49

As far as I know there is no such thing as a 'glass shattering snare.' There are 6 & 1/2 by 14 snares that you could say they are glass shattering because they are an inch bigger than normal size snares. I personally use one and It like a fucking cannon. And as far as the song goes its probably just the way it sounded after production/mixing/editing.

MeTalManiac555 2003-03-12 20:04

I am pretty sure that it's an editing thing they did, because I looked on alot of sites a while ago and they don't have any liek that, they could also have a snare that is maybe tuned different or a different kind, but I don't know, I'll download the song again and listen to it. Hail!!!

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