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slayme_returns 2002-10-18 11:16

RTT #12 The Sound of White Noise
and it goes on...

2002-10-18 11:48

what is white noise? is RTT just a thread where u discuss useless stuff? im confused :p

slayme_returns 2002-10-18 12:30

yes, RTT is a bullshit thread. as for white noise, look it up.

Def 2002-10-18 13:08

white noise is a record shop in Utrecht , haha, ask darkenelf :)

slayme_returns 2002-10-18 13:20

white noise
Acoustical or electrical noise of which the intensity is the same at all frequencies within a given band.

white noise

n : a `sh' noise produced by a stimulus containing all audible frequencies of vibration

Sound of White Noise

Arguably the best Anthrax record, ever.

PST 88 2002-10-18 14:29

Not arguably. Well, maybe, but no.

memnoch 2002-10-18 15:25

I love steeling things from work.

I just finished my pack of skittles which i stole 2 nights ago. I'm trying to work in a DVD player somewhere, but i only have 2 days left to get it out of there. My main worry is setting off store alarms....otherwise i'm cool. I doubt i'll be able to to it though.


CtHuLhU DaWn 2002-10-18 17:20

haha go for it!

slayme_returns 2002-10-18 17:30

steal one for me too.

mrweijia 2002-10-18 17:34

wooohooo a new RTT

PST 88 2002-10-18 20:56

Yeah, a new place to say "Shut the fuck up, weijia."

mrweijia 2002-10-18 21:44

and a new place to say "I'M A POSER!!!"

Anthrax rules.

PST 88 2002-10-18 21:45

No... right now you should be shutting the fuck up.

slayme_returns 2002-10-18 21:48

shut the fuck up weijia.

Dyldo 2002-10-18 22:08

anyone like fightclub? my favorite movie

mrweijia 2002-10-18 22:35

man its not fair. 2 against 1!!!

walpurgis 2002-10-18 22:37

3 against 1. Fuck you, pal. :)

PST 88 2002-10-18 22:41

I wouldnt have guessed you liked Fight Club by your sig dude. Definitely not. Yeah, I like it, I like it a lot.

Shut the fuck up weijia.

slayme_returns 2002-10-18 22:52

Originally posted by mrweijia
i'm a tool!!

shut the fuck up weijia.

slayme_returns 2002-10-18 22:55

if i cut off your arms and cut off your legs, would you still love me anyway?
if you're bound and your gagged, draped and displayed would you still love me anyway?

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