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The Doctor 2007-03-02 05:47

Insanisty Arise - Insanity is your Deadliest Weapon (Demo)
Insanisty Arise - Insanity is your Deadliest Weapon (Demo)

file under Metalcore

Menno: Insanity Arise hail from Italy and play, according to themselves, Swedish oriented death/thrash. Since I really like this style, this formation of five made me curious. The five songs on this demo (including one intro and one outro, which just is the intro reversed), however, do not live up to my expectations. The three songs are all but death/thrash, not even Swedish oriented.

Insanity Arise clearly needs a lesson in metal because all I hear is pure American metalcore. This makes me feel kinda screwed, because I despise all that even comes near to metalcore. Uninspired riffing, dull drumming, adhd scream and of course the clean emo-vocals, immediately ruin my day. The only positive aspect of this demo is its production, which is relatively clear, but that sums it up rather nicely. I think this fucking sucks, but I have to add that I really should not be reviewing this, but that's their own fault. I recommend them to listen to some Darkane or Arch Enemy.

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