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The Doctor 2007-03-02 05:46

Patologicum - Hecatomb of Aberration
Patologicum - Hecatomb of Aberration
Crude Entertainment

file under Death metal

Menno: As a Lords of Metal reviewer you sometimes receive some rather vague material. An example of this are the three CDs sent to me from the dark Poland by Crude Entertainment. The band Patologicum even was represented by two releases; one 2006 demo and one older full-length without any form of information entitled 'Hecatomb of Aberration'. Their primitive website also lacks in information but luckily, the 2006 demo included a discography which informed me that 'Hecatomb of Aberration' was released in 2003 and I don't have a clue why this is promoted four years later.

Anyway, let's take it for a spin. The artwork made me curious. I believe that the guys went to the 'Bodies' exhibition from the German pathologist Gunther von Hagens and shot some nice photographs over there. The record starts of with a long a rather boring intro which instantly reminds me of Mortician. The same can be said for the rest of Patologicum's music. Primitive and mega-low riffs, slow and turbo-fast drums and the low vocals ring my bell but the music resembles Mortician just a tad too much for my taste. The only difference in music is the fact that vocalist Piotr uses a little piggy-barf every now and then in stead of low-frequency mumbling all the time. The many and very boring intros are not only lacking in originality ('I see dead people') but they also ruin the CD's tempo and makes it a whole less interesting. Together with the fact that the music is a shameless rip-off, the listener should prepare himself for a very boring experience.

Rating: 55/100 (details)

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