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The Doctor 2007-03-02 05:45

Patologicum - Promo 2006 (Mini-CD)
Patologicum - Promo 2006 (Mini-CD)
Crude Entertainment

file under Death metal

Menno: Somewhere on this site a review from an old Polish death/grind band Patologicum can be found. That record sounded rather mediocre to my ears so it would be a surprise when I say I'm pretty stoked to check if these guys got better on their 'Promo 2006'.

The promo contains three songs and I have to admit the band has grown quiet a bit since. I can be short on this but for starters the production is a lot better. The songs themselves are better composed as well. Reason? Cooler riffs and to be honest, the music as a whole is more bashing. Since there are only three songs it's hard to give this promo a fair judgement, a full-length would be better but it's a good thing the band did a better job than before.

Rating: 70/100 (details)

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