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SolothurN 2007-02-25 09:34

I was wondering what does Steve play in Death - Destiny chorus? There's cool bassline there, I looked everywhere and I couldn't find any tabs. Anyone know how it goes?

epitaph 2007-02-25 10:31

I remember looking into this song ages ago. I figured out about half of what he played there, maybe I should take a look at it soon..

SolothurN 2007-02-25 11:18

do you still remember that line? i mean that half you found out... cause maybe i would manage to finish it if i will have some part of it.. you know, i just need a point to start from, because i suck too much to begin that by myself

Requiem 2007-02-27 15:05

Wrong section. xD

epitaph 2007-02-27 16:06

Sorry for not getting back to you. I just set up my bass again and will promise to do my best tomorrow. My old tab says this:

The first part should start like this:
|-----4------------------------| |---5--------------------------| |-7----------------------------| |------------------------------|

and the second part goes like this:

|-----9-----11-----12--------------| |---9-----9------12---10-9---------| |-7-----9------10----------12-10-9-| |----------------------------------|

I didnt look any further back then. However I got more motivation now with my new fretless, so I'll try to tab the whole song soon

blitz906 2007-03-05 04:21

I haven't even heard this one haha... I know, sad :( is it any good though? I know...I haven't listened to all that much Death, and I'll admit to being ignorant so please don't flame me lol.

~Cheers :beer:

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