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Katham 2001-08-02 11:00

Drums Zone post #1
Just interested, that what kinda drum kits do you have around here?

I have a Pearl drum-kit with
8x8; 8,5x9; 8,5x10; 9x12; 9,5x14; 10x16 rack toms,
14x14; 16x16 floor toms,
5,5x16 snare drum,
and a 18x22 bass drum /w amatti double pedals.

It also equips
24" Zidjian ride cymbal
20" Wuhan ride cymbal
18" Zidjian china cymbal
20" Zidjian china cymbal
16" Wuhan crash cymbal
18" Wuhan crash cymbal
14" Wuhan hit-hat
and two 12" Wuhan splash cymbal.

Updated list, since I expanded the collection.

badassDFD 2001-08-03 17:10

My drumset
Nice kit man, here's mine:

TAMA rockstar 5 piece
2 sabian crashes (I use one for just cymbal rolls and bell effects and stuff)
and 2 cymbals which I have no idea where they came from.
I'm looking to get some new things though: An iron cobra power glide double bass pedal and a tom holder. Buttttt.....I'm only 15, so it'll take a while to save up some money.

Katham 2001-08-04 05:34

Yeeeey!!! I thought I will be so alone here :D...

Anyways, if you play in a grind or a crust band, you should get a china cymbal, it does sound there really expressive and neat. ;)

walpurgis 2001-08-04 14:55

Hey Katham, what's a crust band?

Katham 2001-08-05 07:41

Crust is basically grindcore with less wall of noise. Eg. United Mutation, Confrontation, early Disfear, etc.

walpurgis 2001-08-05 11:09

Um, okay...

Never heard any of those bands, maybe I'll check em out sometime.

Puppet 2001-08-09 18:04

can some body please recommend sticks, good sticks that last a giood while! i dont know what the fuck but my drummer just tears through his sticks like paper.

belial 2001-12-05 01:53

I have a Tama Artstar Esprits kit.

12", 13", 14", and 15" mounted toms
16" and 18" floor toms
22" bass drum
Iron Cobra double pedal and hi-hat stand
Tama Stilt cymbal stands and tom holders

Zildjian Cymbals

14" New Beat hats
14" ZBT crash (used as splash)
16" Avedis Medium Brilliant crash
16" homemade china trash
18" Avedis Medium Brilliant crash
20" Ping ride
16" Avedis Rock crash

Xhume2consume 2001-12-09 16:12

MAPEX venus series....i took the gay wrap off them and stained them transparent black.
8" tom
10" tom
12" tom
13" tom
16" floor tom
22" bass drum

cymbals all sabian B8:
8" splash
10" splash
10" splash(forcefully popped inside out,like a china...sounds cool)
14" hats
14" crash
16" crash
20" ride
14" china
18" china
getting ready to sell this one...gotta upgrade.

Freke 2002-08-23 15:19

Originally posted by Puppet
can some body please recommend sticks, good sticks that last a giood while! i dont know what the fuck but my drummer just tears through his sticks like paper.

MeTaLDrUmFrEaK 2002-11-28 19:41

hows my set man
Drums: 1967 slingerland double bass (3 ply) with chrome hardware and white marine pearl finish

1. 5.5x14 snare
2. 9x13 tom
3. 10x14 tom
4. 12x15 tom
5. 16x16 tom
6. 14x22 bass drum
7. 18x20 bass drum

Cymbals: Zildjian sabian and paiste
1. 14" 2002 Paiste
2. 18" sabian Thin crash
3. 21" A zildjian rock 21 ride
4. 14" Zenjin splash
5. 18" a zildjian China

Hardware: Yamaha stands and 2 dw 7000 pedals.

Heads: Remo Emperor on snare batter, Ambassador on snare side, Emperors on tops of toms with Ambassadors underneath, emberor on both bass drums batter with ambassador on front
Sticks: Millennium II Pro-Mark 808 New Generation

MeTaLDrUmFrEaK 2002-11-28 19:43

forgot to say
all 1967 slingerland and a camco snare drum^

MeTalManiac555 2003-03-13 20:30

fuck yeah belial I have that same one, but no cymbol yet going to get some but just got the set. Hey how do you liek the Artstar ES becuase I have one and got it for liek 250 (american Dollars) from a friend that has had it for a long time but it's in good shape only need's new heads, and cymbols.

DrummerMom 2004-01-23 15:41

2001 Pure White Pearl Kit

20" Bass
14" Floor Tom
12" Tom
10" Tom
standard snare

Sabian 14" hats
Sabian 16" AA Medium/thin crash
Sabian 16" B8 Pro Crash
Sabian 20" B8 Pro Light Rock Ride
Wuhan 12" China

Gibraltar double pedal
Remo Pinstripes
Evans Eq Muffle
4" Holz port

MorbidGuitar 2004-03-07 05:30

H&K Metallic Red set
(not a metal kit thats for sure)

12" tom
13" tom
16" floor tom
22" bass drum

sabian b8's
20" ride
16" crash
13" reverse china (very weird)
14" hats

I use trak 5a and 7a hickory sticks

Vargon 2004-03-12 12:03

Pearl MMX Kit, Karcoal grey finnish

rack toms

flor toms

2x 22x16" B.drums

Pearl free floating 14x6,5 bronze snare

All on a Pearl racksystem with pearl hardware.

22" K-custom ride, Zildjian
20" Oriental china trash, Zildjian
14" Zbt Plus China, Zildjian
18" Alpha China, Paiste
14" Alpha Medium hi-hat, Paiste
14" Alpha Power hi-hat, Paiste
2x 16" AAxtreme crash, Sabian
17" AAxtreme crash, Sabian
16" Stage crash, Sabian
8" AAX splash, Sabian
8" Istanbul Splash
10" Wohan Splash
12" Wohan china

2x Dw Delta ac. 5000 pedals

Evans g2 heads on toms
Remo powerstroke on bd.
Evans reverse muffle coated snare heads (or what the h*** they are named)
Sticks: Vicfirth 5b nylontip

And a custom made Pearl Throne with airflow.

O'yeah, almost forgot.... a k&m drink holder :drunk:

xdislexicx 2004-03-12 21:08

mapex mars series, dyed green finish.
14x6.5 snare
12x11&13x12 rack toms
16x16 floor tom
22x16 bass drum
aquarian performance 2 heads on all toms, super kick I on bass drum, and evans st snare head with dry holes.

mapex hi hat stand, various pearl and tama cymbal stands. and dw 7000 double pedal with the beaters off of a pacific because they're lighter, soon to be replaced by and iron cobra though.

14" paiste rude hi hats
18" paiste color sound(black) crash
18" paiste innovations medium crash
18" sabian AAX metal crash
18" paiste signature series thin china. it's cracked but slightly repaired by cold soddering and stop drilling.
20" sabian AAX stage ride

xdislexicx 2004-03-12 21:14

and for sticks, i mainly play promark 5bs backwards.
my drummer plays vic firth metal sticks, the sticks arent made out of metal, thats just the name for em.

The Doctor 2004-03-13 04:49

Originally Posted by xdislexicx
the sticks arent made out of metal,

DUH! :p :D

Originally Posted by guitarenvy
13" reverse china (very weird)

post a pic

xdislexicx 2004-03-13 17:42

there are sticks that are made out of metal you know. :p

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