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The Doctor 2007-02-19 08:28

Reality - Human Execution
Reality - Human Execution

file under Death metal

Menno: The Belgian death metal formation Reality comes up with their first full-lenght 'Human Execution'. A demo was released earlier and wasn't that greatly received here at LoM headquarters. It would have been easy for me to copy/paste Dennis' entire review, because it seems that Reality booked very little progression since the 2003 release. The production is reasonable for a self financed release, but the old school death metal sounds uninspired and even plain boring at times. A cool riff comes around here and there and the song 'Human Execution' actually is pretty catchy, and sadly enough an exception. Reality's music sounds unoriginal and uninteresting. It aint crap, but I think that the band itself likes this CD the most. Besides, David's vocals really lack in power. He wants to grunt audible and that's something I like, but it really takes its power from the brutality. Conclusion; no progression, no highlight, just death metal.

Rating: 67/100 (details)

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