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The Doctor 2007-02-19 08:26

Denigrare - Venganza
Denigrare - Venganza
Alarma Records

file under Death metal

Menno: Death metal is what the Mexico-based band Denigrare plays and I have to say; they're not very good at it. Generally, the music is comparable to bands like Brujeria (another band which I'm not a real fan of). The band promoted their second record 'Venganza' to a full-length, but with seven 'official' songs and six bonus tracks I have to say they went pretty straightforward.

The meaning of the lyrics and the reason for the bonus tracks are a well-kept secret since the booklet is printed very badly and written in Spanish. On top of that, the music is nothing less than poor. The vocalist has a reasonable throat and is gets groovy here and there but the combination of a bad production and mediocre song writing make this record bluntly uninteresting. This definitely isn't an awesome death metal record. What might it be then? Very underground.

Rating: 50/100 (details)

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