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The Doctor 2007-02-19 08:26

Condemned - …And That’s How I Found Them (Demo)
Condemned - …And That’s How I Found Them (Demo)

file under Death metal

Menno: At first I thought I was dealing with a DVD but the guys from the Northern Irish formation Condemned just used the odd format to get attention. Not too stupid, these lads. '…And That's How I Found Them' is a self financed demo with an exceptionally good production. Condemned gives us four songs (plus a hidden bonus track) with which they show us their abilities.

The artwork is quite macabre; it shows pictures of freshly dug-up female corpses. Together with the original title, this makes a plausible comparison with their British colleagues of Gorerotted. Therefore I'm not very surprised when the music appears to meet this comparison. The guitar riffs are freaky and not just consisting of heavy chords but high fretting as well. Combined with the terribly fast drums, this gives a very freaked effect. The vocals are pretty 'Gorerotted' too; using only utterly low grunts or psyched screams, no in-betweens here, something that fits their music perfectly. It would be easy to call Condemned a worthless rip-off, but I won't. Especially with their sublime album 'Only Tools and Corpses', Gorerotted started a new genre in death metal and Condemned is one of the first bands who walks in their footsteps (they call the genre Traumatising Gore Metal), this is something that deserves nothing but hails. Awesome job!

Rating: 85/100 (details)

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