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The Doctor 2007-02-19 08:24

Bodybag - Mindplayer (demo)
Bodybag - Mindplayer (Demo)

file under Speed/thrash metal

Menno: Bodybag is a young and talented German five-piece with a love for death and thrash metal. Both influences can clearly be heard on their latest demo 'Mindplayer'. Personally, I think the music leans more towards thrash, especially Roman's aggressive vocals are extremely good. The tempo is not that fast during all four tracks, which explains the more death-like sound. After listening to the entire demo, the slow pace gives me some sort of an empty feeling, the music just never seems to reach a climax.

Nevertheless, Bodybag's music is very aggressive and the five friends definitely expose their talents to the listener. The band is quite tight and the production really isn't bad at all. Solid death/thrash with a modern sounding break-down here and there. There is one thing that systematically annoys me though; some guitar harmonies are extremely out of tune. 'The Broken Bottle' and 'Tears Garden' both have bits of terrible sounding homophonies. These licks aren't experimental, it just sounds crappy. Anyways, if you take those mistakes for granted, a very pleasing demo is what's left. The band surely has talent and made me curious for more. The entire demo is downloadable from the band's website. Go check it out.

Rating: 70/100 (details)

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