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GWARslave 2002-10-16 19:22

GWAR/Cattle Decapitation
Went and saw GWAR last night. Didn't really plan on it since I've seen them twice and haven't heard their new album. It was cool though. They only played a few new songs so I was able to get into it. Cattle Decapitation was the first band opener, and they were pretty good for a death metal band! Didn't really like Bloodlet much though. I talked to the guitarist and drummer for Cattle Decapitation for a while about their music (i.e. tuning, equipment, styles, and non-music stuff). I bought their latest cd "To Serve Man". It's what they played live. Sounds better than the live show cause the sound people had WAY too much bass on the kick. Overall it was a great show, glad I decided to go. Anyone else go?


xDarkestHourx 2002-10-17 11:24

I went. I've been a CD fan for a couple years now, finally saw them and they blew me the fuck away. Their vocalist is easily one of the best ones I've ever heard, range-wise...I just wish they would have turned up the bass so I could actually hear it. But anyway, fuckin excellent show, and for anyone who's never experienced haven't lived until you've been pissed on my Saddam Hussein and then watched him get his face ripped off.

Clad in Shadows 2002-10-18 20:33

GWAR and cattle decap are awesome! That would be a killer show.

uuuuhhhhhhh 2002-10-19 12:24

i missed their show when they were down here...but im not a big Gwar fan....

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