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The Doctor 2007-02-19 07:31

Abominant - Triumph of the Kill
Abominant - Triumph of the Kill
Deathgasm Records

file under Death metal

Menno: Abominant has been producing death metal for over ten years and their latest piece 'Triumph Of The Kill' puts them on a total of seven full-length albums. Judging on the band photo printed on the back, the band likes guns, Motorhead and drinking whisky. Nothing wrong with a band that clearly chooses the sunny side of making death metal, by the way.

Fast noise is what we get as a result. The band isn't going for nasty gore or brutality but focuses on fast, high riffage, furious drums, some melody and atonal solos. Still, 'Triumph Of The Kill' isn't the most interesting piece of this fall. This can be blamed on the not so tight drumming; as soon as the tempo is going up, the lumberjack seems to get behind on the rest. Whether this is to blame on lack of skill or studio time, I can't tell. The next bit of critique can be placed with the singer. I have to admit, his voice is firm and he knows how to scream. Nevertheless, he really lacks in writing proper 'melodies'. The biggest part of the lines are being proclaimed, something only Celtic Frost should be doing. The very frequently used 'oohs' and 'arghs' give the music a nice, thrashy feel, but are obviously stolen from Tom Warrior. Not a bad thing per se.

The production can be called flawless, it's just that I have trouble finding the producers name. It might have been an illegal Mexican for all we know, hehe. In retrospect I hear a nice mix of old-school death metal and maybe a slight touch of doom, all but awful. On the other hand, from a band with a history of more than a decade, we could expect a bit more professionalism.

Rating: 70/100 (details)

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