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2002-10-15 20:06

need technique help
a lot of times...i cant switch the strums fast enough for the song, or i cant finger it right off....or it sounds all fucked up coz i accidently drag my fingers or some shit....could i please get some advice to help me strum smoother?

much obliged~ i will try not to be annoying anymore :p

Argos 2002-10-15 20:20

From my experience, only constant practice will get you to the point where you can switch stuff quickly.

2002-10-15 20:23

welll most ppl say practice makes perfect....

but u will only get worse by practicing bad habits...then u stuck with those habits....i wanna know if theres a way that will help me and not get me stuck with a bad habit

metal=life 2002-10-15 21:02

jesus fuckin christ dude!!! will u please stop bitching about how u are sorry and u wanna kiss and make up to everyone? and for some advice on this topic.....try going slow and working youre speed up more and more.

2002-10-15 21:07

k...thanks....the only reason i apologize so much is to make sure everyone knows that i truly am sorry and that some ppl are still mad....but o well i guess

memnoch 2002-10-16 05:14

Practice does make perfect.

Just play the way you feel most comfortable, and practice getting faster. Not everyone can play the "picture perfect way" that every guitarist should....just do what feels best to you, cause that way you'll perform better.

Don't try to go faster than you actually can....keep practicing at your top speed, and slowly that top speed will just become faster. It takes time and LOTS of practice.

CtHuLhU DaWn 2002-10-16 07:16

I second what mem said.

Gigantic Penis 2002-10-16 15:30

you could get one of those finger excerciser things (not masterbation)

2002-10-16 18:11

heh...ok i'll look into those.....scratch rather build myself up....that way ill be better...i dont get tired just jumbly...ill do what mem said...thx :P

i guess u can close this

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