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aFarewelltoKings 2007-01-28 20:57

Mastodon,Converge and Priestess
Im going to see them in Sauget on the 3rd.Anyone else seen this concert? Also how much are t-shirts/hoodies?

CompelledToLacerate 2007-01-29 00:00

I was going to see them, but I don't know exactly where the place they're playing at is. It's out of state but close.

Would be awesome to go to, but not worth getting lost over.

aFarewelltoKings 2007-02-04 15:27

Okay just got back from the concert.WOW~!

1.Opening Band was a local band called Social Slave,They werent very good but listenable.
2.Priestess came on next and kicked much ass! The drummer had a bonham like solo in the middle of the set.Great Live Band.
3.Converge fucking killed it! That was the most intense thing i have ever seen.Got thrown in a circle pit.Yeah it was fucking awesome!
4.Finally Mastodon showed up kicked some ass and then some more.What did u expect>? YOU NEED TO SEE MASTODON BEFORE YOU DIE

Yeah awesome venue awesome merch prices awesome everything.Great fucking concert!

CompelledToLacerate 2007-02-04 18:22

Man, now I wish I had gone. :(

Sweet Pizza 2007-06-12 23:17

I saw Mastadon and Converge last fall in Chicago. I got a Mastadon shirt, and I think it was maybe 18$. I don't remember for sure. Mastadon had shitty sound... and I hear they do at a lot of their shows. Has anyone else had a bad expirence with the sound at a Mastadon show?

Cunty Shunt 2007-06-13 14:37

Originally Posted by Sweet Pizza
Has anyone else had a bad expirence with the sound at a Mastadon show?

No. I've seen them five times when they were supporting fro other bands, haven't seen them in a headlining position though.
It's really wierd that Converge would go on before Mastodon.

Dyldo 2007-06-13 20:04

I cought the two awhile back myself. I don't think its weird at all for Mastodon to go on before Converge - Mastodon are pretty big.

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