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*insert name here* 2007-01-23 19:49

Muslims and your country?
I'm curious what impacts Muslims are making socio/culturally/politically in your country. It seems like more and more muslim religious leaders are coming out and making their religious/political views very public.
Its always the same deal, you get your sheik *insert name here* extremist coming out with controversial idea's. A clean shaven Muslim in a buisness suit from the Islamic friendship association defending him quite contradictingly. Finally, talk back radio, newspapers, television talk shows have a field day with this crap.
That is Sheik el Hilaly. He is the same lad that condoned a gang rape a year or two back (this particular rape case was big news in Australia) whereas some of the men involved recieved the longest sentence for rape (65 years) yet. In this case he said, women beg to be raped as they dont cover up. He used the analogy 'If some meat is left covered up, is it the dogs fault or the person that left it uncovered'. Naturally, he recieved quite a bit of controversy. Its stupid that he is still Mufti of Australia, because he doesnt seem to be doing his supporters much good.
What do you think their motivations are? Is it just pure spite of a community who does not follow their ideal's and value's? Is it their way to attempt to bring about change?
I mean, if this was one particular person of little importance in the Australian community it wouldnt strike me as such a big deal. Ofcourse there will always be people coming out with extreme idea's. But this is the leading Muslim figure in Australia. Many of our key electorates have a large muslim community.
Which brings me to another man, actually. Sheikh feiz mohammed.
He's accused of indirectly telling his followers (500 or something children) at his service that the ultimate death is to die as soldiers of Islam, and inciting martyrdom.
Anyway, what type of impact as Muslim extremists making on your society.

CannibalXampire 2007-01-23 19:59

In America it's basically like this....half the people complain about Muslims being terrorists, a violent people, etc. The other half complain that not all aren't and act like the ones that aren't deserve special treatment.

Both sides are equally annoying.

sixsicsix 2007-01-23 21:20

Racism is for dinner.
Genocide is for dessert.

Pr0az 2007-01-23 22:13

In America we complain about any and everything. Im starting to think people get bored and dream shit up, any back on relegion im from down south we dont see alot of Muslims especially over hear in the bible belt. However the minority relegions take hard blows such as Mormons, Jehovahs Witness Catholics(not so much anymore)....They usually catch the most heat people are very very fucking untrust worthy to things they dont even understand. They just stigmitize right from the get go without.

As for the muslim who raped someone, shit it happens all the time over here in America, we dont need Muslims we have ourselves :p .

You know im not sure if anything i posted related to this thread........ :stoned:

Also you have to understand this war of relegions began way way before our time. During the crusades this load of crap was taking placing. Muslims trying to convert christians, christians trying to convert muslims. I mean if you look through out time Christians have done pretty harsh shit to keep people in check and hold the values of their relegion close. Muslims are not the first. Just that little page in the history book seems to get smaller and smaller everytime a new issue comes out. With the muslims you have to understand this we know nothing about them they know nothing about us. Just some extremist prick told them some shit, they dislike it end of story. I mean from what ive seen and understand the (extreme) muslims except for a few are quite and uneducated pack only trained in terrorist comabt/dirty war at those old camps in afganistiany. Im not saying hey all Muslims are bad and terrorist no. Every relegion has its down fall. You have good christians you have bad christians so forth. I mean christians have slaughtered millions and millions of people through out time, and in recent events to history for their own personal gain. I mean the shoe is on the other foot and it looks to me people are staring going "Why are they doing this to us". This same question could be ask to the past history christians who commited the crimes they did against there own. Mostly man its just a bunch of guys who are misfollowing a prophets words. The relegion they follow not the muslims now but the (extreme) muslims, shitsikes or whatever they call them on the news are actually following another form...i forgot the name of the guy who wrote them but he can actually be traced to writing every page to the extreme muslims views. Just a bunch of people who are weak minded following anothers mand misguided thought in to the void. Another part of it is look how there countries were done over the years...most were colonies set up by the western powers. Alot of them felt used and despise the west for that, especially the extremist(shitsikes). These countries are pretty poor too man, i mean they do have the oil industry and all but still alot of corruption and so sorth have really hurt them economically. Alot of people seem to think they hate the West for our economic stability and so forth. I mean really look at the majority of western nations we pretty much florish. Where as this cant be said for the continent of asia.

Honestly man this shit started ages ago got some people mad, the guy wrote what he wrote, now the little extremist follow it end of story.
With time maybe alot of it will calm down who knows?

Pr0az 2007-01-23 22:34

Basically blame all the shit on the British, French, and Germans. ;) Damn crusaders

*insert name here* 2007-01-24 01:30

Are there that many Muslims in America? From what I have seen (only through television, etc) doesnt seem so?

CannibalXampire 2007-01-24 01:57

about 6mil statistically i think.

northerndarkness 2007-01-24 02:12

I live in Norway and I only really saw a few Muslims in Oslo. Everywhere else is Muslim free. I do not understand why they came though because it is so cold and most people immigrate to America, not Scandinavia.

PST 88 2007-01-24 04:52

No no no.

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